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The Story Told RPG Podcast

Sep 15, 2021

On this episode of ALTEC, Eris and her companions are headed to Club Babylon, the biggest nightclub in Trois Portes, a neutral territory for people to gather and rub elbows.

This episode of Alternate Levels: 

The Eris Chronicles was written by Samantha Patri. 

The voice of The Book Wench was performed by Cat Prickett. 

The voice of Christopher Raven was performed by William Holloway. 

The voices of Rangerium and Demise was performed by Matthew Wilson. 

The voices of Slipstream and Boomer was preformed by Caitlyn Hutton. 

The voice of Sprocket was performed by Weston Gizmo Hodgson. 

The voice of Tsunami was performed by Tsunami Sesen (Ses-en). 

The voice of Grundy was performed by Paul Connolly-Hartmann. 

Music for this episode was provided by Abney Park, Leah, Rock Sugar, Dark Fantasy Studio and Tao and Sound, and is used with permission.

"The World Has Gone to Hell”, “Turn Up The Noise” and “The Wrath of Fate” was performed by Abney Park. 

“Roll You In The Hurricane” was performed by Rock Sugar.

“Save The World” was performed by Leah. 

Our opener and background music was orchestrated by Dark Fantasy Studio. 

Additional background music was orchestrated by Tao and Sound. 

You can find their work at:,,,, and 

Links will be provided at our website, 

The fictional location and setting of Trois Portes, the City of Three Doors was created by Christopher LaHaise, and is used with permission by Fool’s Moon Entertainment, Incorporated.