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The Story Told RPG Podcast

Oct 8, 2018

In this episode, we wrap up our Changeling the Dreaming arc with character creation. This time, we've each created a character and really focused on how to build characters working with each other.

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Tuck and Siobhan Ahern

Background: The siblings grew up together in a small, but prosperous town in Texas. Their mother was distant but loving and their father a dreamer who managed the family ranch. Their parents were immigrants and raised horses; their father was from the green hills of Ireland. Their mother was from South America, but when spoke of it at all, she would simply say that she had to leave to find something and had found herself where she happened to be. This all changed when the children chrysalized. Soon, the Ahern children learned that their mother was a changeling as well and their father her dreamer. Together, they bred fairy steeds and provided glamour to a small court tied to a larger county as a whole.

Tuck and Siobhan grew together, though in different ways. She was prepared for a life at court while he learned to serve. However, things changed when Tuck took a more active role in the family holding.  He would die to defend it and eventually found an opportunity to save it. When their father died, Tuck took over, their mother having succumbed to banality in grief. What Siobhan never knew, however, is that Tuck killed their father to save the Ranch. Father planned to sell Starlight Stables to developers so that the family would be taken care of for life. But the secret begins to strain their bonds. Siobhan would become more consumed with her fairy life and Tuck is consumed with his own guilt.

Description: Tuck stands at 5’ 6” with lightly tanned skin dusted with freckles across the bridge of his nose. His hair is a bright, true red, and he’s certifiable ginger, both making his Irish heritage. While he doesn’t have large muscles, he is dexterous and could withstand a beating, horses can be temperamental at times. His eyes are slightly too large for his face and a bright peridotite green that each have an emerald crescent moon on the outer edge of each iris. He generally presents the world with a grin and playful nature but when unobserved his face carries lines of stress and worry, about things he will not discuss in the mortal world. Typically, he wears jeans boots and plain t-shirts (usually in a shade of green) with a denim jacket. His voile however is chestnut brown leather breeches and an ornately embroidered but practical in use tunic with the colors of his sister’s house. His hair lightens to a fiery red and is longer, reaching his shoulders, the rich thick waves he typically has bound into a messy bun and his ears taper into small gentle points. Tuck’s skin is fairer in his fairy guise but the freckles remain, looking more pronounced against his lighter skin. His fairy steed Epona is a steely grey with a white mane and tale that almost seem to shimmer in the sunlight and fall nearly to the ground. Epona’s hooves shine like silver and her eyes are dusted with starlight if you look deep enough into them she appears like many of the Fairy steeds at Starlight Stables.

Siobhan, Savanah to the mortal world, is a woman of action. She is 5’ and graceful, moving with the fluid elegance of the Sidhe. She has dark hair, which she wears long and free and dusky olive skin. Her eyes are green, though not as bright as Tuck’s. She wears a cowboy hat and fancy (but practical) cowboy boots. Siobhan has a revolver on one hip and a magic sword on the other. A buttoned shirt and jeans completes the look of a rodeo performer.

Roleplaying hints: Siobhan lives a life unclouded by worry. A knight of the court and beloved among them, she leaves the day to day managing of her holding with Tuck trusting that he will see it right. She just wants to revel in her fairy nature and be the knight she is supposed to be. She keeps her intent focus on whatever has caught her attention, and let’s everything else fade into the background.

Tuck is guilt-wracked. He loves his sister, he loves their ranch and would (and eventually did) do anything to protect them both. Would Siobhan understand, though? Her own house demands vengeance but also hospitality. He thinks about telling his beloved sister almost every day, but every day stops himself, afraid of what the telling will unravel. He won’t lose his life. He loves it too much.