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The Story Told RPG Podcast

Nov 18, 2018

This week, we have our first actual play episode! Steven Pope joins us again, this time to run Masks for us. Luka Carroll and Travis Dow come along as guests to play superheroes in Halcyon City. This is our final episode in our coverage of Masks: A New Generation by Magpie Games.

You can find Steven Pope on Twitter and Instagram as @StevenJPope22, or follow him on Saving Throw: 

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You can find Masks A New Generation on Magpie's website: or on DriveThruRPG:

You can find Magpie Games on their website, as well as follow them on Facebook and Twitter:

Our artist for Prom or Perish is Noah Hirka. You can find more of his work at the following links:

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