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The Story Told RPG Podcast

Dec 31, 2018

In this episode, we discuss Scion Hero. Following on from Scion Origin, in Scion Hero, you play the empowered children of the gods. Learn what powers await as you take the step onto the path of Legend and hear why we think this game is awesome!

You can find the Onyx Pathcast episode we reference here:

While Scion has not yet been released, the books are available to Kickstarter Backers in PDF format and are still available for pre-order on BackerKit: 

Our character this episode is Alexander Chen:

Alexander Chen

Character Sheet

Background: Alexander Chen was born to parents with too much money and too little time. They loved their son, but he was cared for by a series of nannies who didn’t quite know what to do with the energetic but quiet youth. He applied himself studiously, and all signs pointed to him taking over the family business.

All that changed the day he met the Monkey King. It started out like any other day; Alexander went to school, saw his private tutor, and his nanny picked him up for a walk in the park. The park is where things changed. Alexander noticed a monkey being chased by a dog. The monkey ran into the street, and turned to jeer at the dog, which had finally been called off by its owner. The monkey didn’t see the bus coming, but Alexander did. Acting without thinking, he rushed into the street and pushed the monkey out of the way, thinking nothing for his own safety. Flat on the ground, the bus drove over him, but miraculously missed hitting him. The bus drove on, and Alexander was helped up by a larger handsome looking monkey in a fine yellow jacket. The monkey, Sun Wukong, smiled and said, “Thank you for saving my favored servant. You’ll go far with that kind of reckless valor.”

The monkey he saved followed Alexander home, and he soon found his tutor replaced by an old woman who insisted he focus on martial arts and physical training. With his sifu’s training, and Monkey by his side egging him on, Alexander became unstoppable. As he grew into his teenage years, he started winning martial arts competitions, and eventually set his sight on the Olympics. In addition to his martial arts career, he engaged in other thrill-seeking activities, including free climbing, wingsuit jumping, and other feats.

During his first time at the Olympics, things changed again. He did extremely well in the preliminary rounds, earning him a choice spot in the finals. The night before his first finals match, Sun Wukong came to him again, this time asking him for help. The god visited him with power and sent him off on an ink-drawn cloud to reign in an enraged river spirit. Alexander missed his Olympic match, and forfeited by default, but won the match against the river spirit and earned the first milestone on the road to godhood.

Description: Alexander is an affable and charming, though average looking Asian man in his mid-twenties. He wears expensive and stylish clothing. Despite years of training, his prowess is not immediately apparent in his physique.

Title: Defender of the Unaware


Creature 3: Monkey Companion
Monkey has been Alexander’s constant companion since that day at the park. In addition to summoning illusions, Monkey can talk, though he prefers not to let others know he has either ability.
Primary pool: 7 dice
Flares: Illusions (Origin p. 150)

Guide 2: Wise Sifu
Alexander’s sifu has been with him since shortly after he saved Monkey and her aged appearance hasn’t changed a bit since they day she showed up in place of his boring math tutor. Her training is harsh, but no one can argue with the results.
Asset Skills:
Athletics, Close Combat
Guide Stunt:
As Tengu (Hero p. 204)

Relic 2: Summersault Cloud (Described Hero p. 128, rules as Icarian Wings, Hero p 214)
Alexander’s ink-drawn cloud was a gift from his divine patron during his visitation. He loves the rush of flight the cloud grants him and uses it as often as he can get away with, especially if it’s just to make a flashy entrance to a rooftop party.

Relic 4: Designated Constellation (Hero p. 217)
Shortly after Alexander’s visitation and introduction to some of the other Shen, Sun Wukong showed up looking very pleased. He handed the young Scion a letter signed by all the proper ministers transferring ownership of a minor constellation. “I’m sure she’ll never miss it,” the Monkey King added cryptically.

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