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The Story Told RPG Podcast

Jun 4, 2018

In this episode, walk through an example of character creation for Exalted 3rd Edition.

We've left some of the details intentionally vague so you can make the character your own.


Shan Yu


Shan Yu was a good sun of poor but loving parents in Wu Jian. A storm during his youth destroyed the outlying shanty neighborhood where his family lived, sweeping his father out to see and injuring his mother. He sought the aid of a sorcerer, and sold himself into seven years of bonded slavery in exchange for the sorcerer healing his mother.

For years, he toiled for the sorcerer. His service started first with task of drudgery, but the sorcerer recognized Shan’s keen mind and turned his skills to aiding her in her works and her dealings with spirits. At the end of his indenture, the sorcerer began conducting a great working. She drugged Shan, intending to use him as a sacrifice. The ritual was interrupted, and in the chaos, a blaze erupted. In his addled state, Shan walked into the fire, charring his flesh and leaving him permanently scarred.

Shan turned to the streets of Wu Jian to survive. He joined the Black Wave gang, and quickly rose in prominence. His knowledge dealing with spirits gave him and the Black Wave and advantage, and he soon become known for elaborate heists.

His exaltation came during one such heist. The gang had learned that an artifact of the first age was being housed for transfer to a treasure ship from the Realm. Organized by Shan, they organized a heist to steal the artifact. They had accounted for everything except the presence of one of the Exalted. The Dragon-Blooded scion of House Peleps saw through their schemes from the beginning. Slowly, she picked their team apart, and the plan came close to unraveling. Shan’s determination, audacity, and skill drew the attention of the Unconquered Sun when he touched the armor Sozen. With the new-found power of the Exalted, he escaped, beginning to build a legend of his own in Wu Jian.

Download a character sheet for Shan Yu here:

Exalted 3rd Edition is available through DriveThru RPG:

Sozen, the Cataphract of Keys can be found on page 105 of Arms of the Chosen, which is also available on DriveThru RPG: 

Our artist for Shan Yu is Noah Hirka. You can find more of his work at the following links:

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