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The Story Told RPG Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

The week we have a record 12 guests on for micro-interviews from Gen Con!

Here's the complete list of our guest with links to check out the companies, games, and books:

  1. Sam Saltiel, Magpie Games:
  2. Brooke Junker, Broken Dice, the Nuadan Chronicles:
  3. Jason Mills, Demigods:
  4. Andrew Valkauskas, Fate of the Norns:
  5. Rob Boyle, Post Human Studios, Eclipse Phase:
  6. Monte Cook, Mote Cook Games:
  7. Darcy Ross, Monte Cook Games
  8. Malcolm Sheppard, Green Ronin:
  9. Steve Kenson, Green Ronin
  10. Travis Legge:
  11. Henry Lopez, Paradigm Concepts, Arcanis:
  12. Andy Law, Cubical 7, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play:
  13. Chris (Polish Ogre), Copses & Curios Podcast:

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