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The Story Told RPG Podcast

Apr 30, 2020

Travis Legge joins us to discuss Technocracy Reloaded, available on Kickstartner now:

The world is on the brink of destruction. The Enlightened Scientists of the Technocratic Union are humanity's best hope against Reality Deviants, Monsters,...

Apr 27, 2020

Welcome to Berlin, 1971. The Unchained hide themselves in the surveillance state of the GDR in a city under greater scrutiny by mortal eyes than almost any other city in the world. When Demons hear a radio station from the West, long thought silenced by the God-Machine, they gather and begin to investigate...

Demon the...

Apr 23, 2020

This episode features the game “The Cursed Painting” written and developed by Wanderword. Join Logan as he Henrik Lindfors and Peter Zetterberrg discus this innovative and exciting new style of gaming. 

Here's a link to the release-trailer:  

You can find Wanderword across the...

Apr 20, 2020

Exalted developer Monica Speca joins us as a guest-cost to complete our discussion of the Great Houses of the Realm for Exalted 3rd Edition. She gives us some hot takes about Exalted as we discuss what makes each of the Great Houses great.

You can hear more from Monica on Bonus Experience or follower her on Twitter:

Apr 13, 2020

This week, we have not one, but three excellent guests for the Onyx Path. Join Dixie, Monica, and Neall to learn about what to expect from the forthcoming Exalted Essence.

You can find the announcement about Exalted Essence here: